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"Spa"-tacular Summer Savings

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~Exclusive Body Scrubs~


Continue on your journey to health & well being with our delightful body scrubs. Whether you choose salts from the Dead Sea of Israel, rice from the Islands of Indonesia, or Sugar from the fields of Paraguay, we will customize a treatment ideally suited for your body's needs. These exfoliants are blended with a mixture of essential oils and massaged onto the body, stimulating circulation, softening dry elbows and heels, leaving the skin silky smooth and radiant. Recommended before any massage or body wrap.


Salts from the Dead Sea

Lavender Body Scrub    $55.00
Lavender, Green Tea, and St. John's Wort infuse the body and mind with a deep state of calm

Citrus Anti-Aging Salt Glow     $65.00
This age defying skin polisher is the first vitamin-rich exfoliating salt scrub, which suspends sea salt in soybean oil!

Chocolate Raspberry Scrub     $75.00
All the pleasures of sweet indulgence without the guilt… This treatment is not only good enough to eat, but also contains antioxidants of vitamins A and E which increases blood circulation leaving the skin chocolaty smooth!

Vanilla Dream Body Buff     $55.00
Natural Vanilla, Apricot, and Avocado moisturize while providing the warm scent of pure vanilla.

Peppermint Patty Scrub     $55.00
Peppermint and Green Tea energize both body and mind.

Men's Chocolate Mint Body Buff     $75.00
Chocolate…Hm-mmm. Perfect for sweet stimulation and exfoliation. Smooth away dry skin and calluses with this enticing body treatment.

Indonesian Rice Extracts

Body Contour ~ Enriched with lemon & patchouli oil, this natural treatment is effective in reducing cellulite and cleansing the body of unwanted toxins. New skin cells are regenerated, therefore protecting the skin against signs of maturity

Relief ~ This spicy mixture of nutmeg, neroli, and jasmine helps to relieve stress and instill peace of mind.

Sensuality ~ This sensual recipe of rose, jasmine, and sandalwood has been used for centuries as a natural aphrodisiac. They are the most exquisite and exotic of all essential oils.


Certified Organic Sugar

Sweet Sugar Glow    $55.00
Romance your skin with a passionate blend of essential oils and sweet organic cane juice that will leave any skin type feeling silky smooth. In addition, a beneficial blend of vitamins A, C, D, and E, leaves your body with an incredible glow. Perfect for one or ideal for two!

Lady Godiva Body Scrub    $75.00  
This mixture of fresh milk, organic sugar, and chocolate raspberry is A Day Of Delight's Signature Spa Body Scrub. Leaves your skin with a noble glow!

Sweet & Sour Glow    $65.00
This unique combination of Dead Sea Mineral Salt & Brown Sugar gives your body the best of both worlds.



* Shaving or waxing not recommended for 24 hours prior. *

All scrubs take approximately 25-50 minutes. Scrubs may include an optional full body canopy of steam with fresh herbs and essential oils.

* Be sure to inquire about our featured seasonal scrubs! *