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"Spa"-tacular Summer Savings

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Extraordinary Body Wraps

Stress, environmental pollutants, bad diets, fad diets, too much or too little exercise- are some of the reasons that our bodies are knocked out of balance.  Whatever shape the body is in, it deserves respect and a little pampering. Here, you'll find the tools to give your body lift and life.

Treatments include an aromatherapy scalp and neck massage.

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Mineral Mud Wrap

Nourishing ~ Stimulating ~ Detoxifying ~ Therapeutic

Approximately 60 minutes ~ $99.00

More than 1,000 plant extracts and trace elements are found in this natural Austrian mud used to draw out impurities, stimulate blood circulation, and relieve muscular tension. Truly an unforgettable experience!


Indian Sunset Body Wrap

Balancing ~ Restoring ~ Healing

Approximately 60 minutes ~ $79.00

Head to the west and allow yourself to be "enwraptured" with the magic of the desert. Let warm Sedona clay balance and re-mineralize the body, leaving your skin nourished and toned. Allow troubles to melt away…bringing a true sense of relaxation, health, and well being.


Seaweed Body Wrap

Detoxifying ~ Regenerating ~ Moisturizing

Approximately 60 minutes ~ $89.00

A replenishing gift from the sea, this French therapeutic treatment increases the absorption of nutrients into the body and eliminates toxins and fluid retention. The various mineral properties can soften and cleanse the skin leaving it smooth and supple.


Egyptian Milk & Honey Wrap

Revitalizing ~ Soothing ~ Firming ~ Hydrating

Approximately 60 minutes ~ $89.00

*Includes a full body canopy of steam with fresh herbs and essential oils.

Drench your skin with this exotic blend of warm milk and golden honey. Centuries old, this wrap is particularly soothing for dry, irritated skin and restores skin balance and resilience.

Once enjoyed by the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra, this luxurious treatment can now benefit you!

Inch Loss Body Wrap

Approximately 60 minutes ~ $99.00

This healthy inch-loss program is a method of taking off inches and firming the skin in just one hour. Lie back and relax as warm botanical extracts penetrate the skin while dissolving toxins and eliminating them from the body.

For continued loss and maintenance, we recommend a series:

10 Treatments ~ $890.00

*A 6-month supply of take home product is free with the purchase of a series (a 100.00 value)!


Steam Tent

Approximately 20 minutes ~ $45.00

*Includes a full body canopy of steam with fresh herbs and essential oils.

It's long been known that Mother Nature provides us with an extensive medicine cabinet, and aromatherapy lets us use her gifts in an empowering way. Essential oils are extracted from flowers, trees, plants, and herbs and are used to treat a wide range of human ailments. It's the use of these essential oils in our everyday lives that can uplift our moods and senses, and assist us in getting closer to ourselves through greater awareness.


Chocolate Fondue Body Wrap

Approximately 60 minutes ~ $75.00

Dive into pure indulgence as we frost your body with warmed Swiss Chocolate Mousse. Enjoy the nourishing benefits of Shea butter, Dead Sea Mud, and cocoa extracts. A sure way to sweeten your day!


The Lovely Leg Re-shaper

Approximately 45 minutes ~ $55.00

Increase circulation to the skin, muscle, and connective tissue with a stimulating GX-99 endermatic treatment. This helps to improve skin texture, increase skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of cellulite, and alleviate muscle tension. Followed by the application of paraffin and fango sea mud, the health benefits from this treatment include detoxification, re-mineralization, elimination of waste and excess fluid, and perhaps that "heaviness" you may feel in your legs.

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$5 off Hair and Scalp Treatment - Select Yours Here

$10 off De-toxifying - Weight-loss Steam Tent

*Enjoy a customized facial masque or contouring eye treatment and experience the ultimate sensation. 18.00 to 30.00 additional.

**Be sure to inquire about our featured seasonal*** body wraps!