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Hair and Scalp Treatments


The scalp is the only part of your skin that doesn't move much on its own, and it needs all the help it can get. While poor circulation can result in thinning hair, scalp massage stimulates the flow of blood and oxygen to help it thrive and grow. These intensified treatments will then detoxify and repair damage from chlorine, blow-drying or color treated hair. For anyone in need of some serious recovery, these are the services for you. Your chosen treatment will be massaged into your hair and scalp and then wrapped in herbal steamed towels for a deeper penetration. Improve your hair structure and enhance its natural shine.

Shea Butter Hair Therapy

Approximately 20 minutes ~ $45.00

Shea Butter has been used for centuries because of its amazing moisturizing and healing properties. It is derived from the Karite tree in West Africa and is brought to you in this exquisite treatment. Allow us to emerge your hair and scalp with this richly hydrating delight. Great for dry, frizzy, coarse, or brittle hair.

Botanical Hair Mask

Approximately 20 minutes ~ $35.00

An intensive conditioning system that deeply replenishes hair with the basic elements needed to moisturize and reconstruct. Pure botanical extracts of rosemary and golden seal with deep conditioners rejuvenate dry, damaged hair. Hair recovers its natural shine, silkiness, and softness.

Aromatherapy Scalp Tingle Treatment

Approximately 20 minutes ~ $25.00

Choose from the following essential oils and allow us to tantalize your scalp for 20 minutes with one of the following aromatherapy treatments:

  • Lavender To Calm and Soothe
  • Tea Tree, Cedarwood, & Rosemary For Dandruff
  • Peppermint Stimulating and Energizing
  • Lemon For Fair Hair

For additional benefits at home, it is recommended that you add your chosen essential oils to a bottle of your favorite shampoo or to water to pour through your hair as a final rinse.

Coconut Cream Delight 

Approximately 20 minutes ~ $35.00

Travel to the tropical Philippine Islands where women use fresh coconut milk to keep their hair soft and shiny. Coconut, rich in cream and oil, is excellent for sun-damaged hair. This exotic blend of coconut, honey, and vanilla is a heavenly treat!

Add any one of these delicious hair & scalp treatments to your spa body wrap and receive $5.00 off!