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"Spa"-tacular Summer Savings

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Which Massage is Right for You?

Signature “Tender Loving Care” Massage - Starting at $65


  • Releases Stress & bodily tension through gentle, repetitive strokes
  • Recommend if you have a restrictive medical condition or have a generally low pain tolerance
  • Leaving you with a weightless sensation of euphoria.


Signature Warm Stone Massage ~ Starting at $99.00 

  • Warmed stones glide over your muscles, melting away tension.
  • Stones are heated to around 125-150 degrees using warm water. 
  • The smooth rounded stones are then placed along various points on the body to open up energy channels and promote circulation.
  • The Heat relaxes the Muscle and is especially recommended for those who have tight stressed muscles but do not enjoy deeper pressure.


Signature Warm Bamboo Massage ~ Starting at $99.00 

  • Warmed Bamboo glides over your muscles, melting away tension.
  • Bamboo is heated using warm water. 
  • The Heat relaxes the Muscle and is especially recommended for those who have tight stressed muscles but do not enjoy deeper pressure.


You may customize any Signature Massage session to include the modalities listed below.  All pricing is based on 50 minute sessions, with additional time available starting at $29 for an additional 30 minutes


Healing Touch - $10 Enhancement to current service

  • Rejuvenating therapy combining hands-on and hands-off techniques that balance the flow of qi (energy) through the body, move and relieve energy blockages, and improve circulation


Therapeutic-$10- $20 Enhancement depending on pressure and technique needed

  • Relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue or fascia, by using a variety of skilled techniques.
  • Differs from a TLC massage, by targeting specific problem areas, whether it’s a sore hamstring, frozen shoulder, or intense stress.
  • Recommended for those who experience consistent pain, patients who have sustained physical injury, or those guests who just prefer deeper pressure


Trigger Point –Starting at $20 Enhancement fee to current service depending on pressure and technique needed

  • Direct pain relief session meant to find the source of the pain and eliminate it
  • Variety of techniques used to map out the sorest spots within certain muscles, determine which muscles refer pain to those areas and release the TPs found within the soft tissue


Reflexology ~ Starting at $10 Enhancement Fee, to current service, varies based on Session Time

  • Pressure  applied to Manipulate areas in the foot that correspond to reflex zones, stimulating body organs and relieving areas of congestion in other parts of the body.  
  • Enhance your treatment by either performing this session in addition to your massage or as a one hour treatment of its own. 
  • Reduces painincreases relaxation, and stimulate circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids.


Pregnancy – $10 Enhancement Fee

  • Prepare your body for delivery by applying mild pressure to the muscles, alleviating muscle tension and improving lymphatic circulation to reduce the fluid build-up, varicose veins, and blood clots. 
  • Pregnancy massage is safe for most women; Massage is not recommended during the first trimester of pregnancy.
  • See contraindications before scheduling service


Additional Delightful Massage Sessions


Massage for Two ~ Fee and Duration Based on Treatment Selection 


Outdoor Waterfront Gazebo Massage~Fee and Duration Based on Treatment Selection


Couples Instruction Approximately 75 minutes ~ $99.00

Have you ever wanted to give your partner the ultimate massage, but never knew how? Let A Day of Delight teach you and yours the ancient techniques of massage with your own personal instructor. Choose your favorite scent, and each of you will take home a personal massage oil to enjoy together.


Anti-Stress Massage Approximately 30 minutes ~ $45.00

Need a well-deserved break? Escape from work for an hour of play. Start your visit with a 30-minute massage to help you relax and unwind followed by gourmet tea and something to nibble on prepared by our Spa chef.


Circulatory Massage Approximately 30 minutes ~ $45.00

Nothing gets the blood flowing like a complete dry body brushing. Proper skin brushing can sustain and reestablish the skin's integrity and youthful glow. This gentle treatment aids in circulation and helps slow the skin's aging process.


Office Chair Massage $1.00 per minute

Can't seem to break away from your computer, your desk, or your paperwork? Let A Day of Delight come to you. We will provide you and your coworkers with stress relieving chair massage and rejuvenation for the remainder of your busy day. Feel the tensions melt away from your neck, back, and shoulders as we arrive with all of the essentials for relaxation.