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"Spa"-tacular Summer Savings

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~Specialty Skin Care~

The time you spend nurturing it will certainly help you put your best face forward. We achieve professional results in our tropical waterfront setting with years of experience and devotion! Products used are preservative-free, and comprised of pure flower essences, herbs, essential oils, vitamins and antioxidants. This is the century to educate yourself by using the purist products on the planet. 

* All facials include skin analysis, herbal steam, cleansing, removal of impurities, Facial Moisturizing Masque & upper body massage.

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Our Signature Spa Facial

60 & 90 minutes available ~ 80.00 & 99.00

Imagine your skin being bathed in purified, scented waters as your mind drifts away into serenity and your body inhales the essences of calming and detoxifying splendors. Discover a renewed self… revitalized, regenerated, and fully relaxed. This is the experience of "A Day Of Delight's" Signature Spa facial. This is no ordinary facial. Allow us to take you on a journey from head to toe while we incorporate herbal packs, heated footies, vibratory massage, and a holistic lip treatment.

Enhance your Signature Spa Facial with one or more of these add ons:

Eye Collagen Treatment


Full Face Collagen Treatment


Glycolic Peel


Lactic Peel


Pumpkin Enzyme Peel


Moor Mud Masque


Organic Sea Kelp Masque


Manuel Microdermabrasion



French Connection

60 & 75 minutes available ~ 85.00 & 95.00

Bonjour! And welcome to our first destination "around the world" of our fabulous skin care treatments. For a truly unforgettable European spa experience, we offer our organic French clays. These treatments draw out impurities, but also stimulate blood circulation as well as leave the skin energized and beautiful.

French Red Clay Iron rich, strong drawing power. Preferred for very oily, acne skin.

French Green Clay High in magnesium. "Drinks" the oils and impurities from skin.

French Pink Clay Heals and disinfects. Preferred for delicate or dehydrated skin.

Bentonite Clay Increases circulation and removes blackheads. Great for all skin types.

Eminence Organic Facial

60 & 90 minutes available ~ 99.00 & 119.00

Take a trip to Hungary and treat your senses to an exotic experience. This truly exquisite facial brings together high quality ingredients with old world knowledge of fruits and herbs. A variety of skin concerns such as premature aging and wrinkling, sun damage, acne, and loss of vitality, tone and radiance are addressed with this organic delight. Guaranteed to provide beautiful lasting results and a naturally glowing complexion.

Chakra Balancing Facial

Approximately 60 minutes ~ 125.00

Travel to India and take a magic carpet ride to balance your seven major energy centers. Enhance our already fantastic facial and restore full body balance with the use of warm stones, aromatherapy, and precious gems. A truly unique, intuitive, and progressive therapy session. Promotes harmony, clarity, and empowerment.

Petra's Delight

Approximately 90 minutes ~ 139.00

With years of expertise and certifications in Oriental, Ayurvedic, and European training, as well as dedication to a Holistic way of life, Petra-Lee will insure the results needed for a clear complexion. Escape to restore, revitalize, and renew your body, mind, and spirit. Start this session with a full one on one consultation to customize a unique treatment for your internal and external needs. Petra-Lee will then introduce her Ayurvedic Herbology Facial, the most exclusive at A Day of Delight. Let her guide you on a journey of discovery, creating a skin care treatment and regimen based on an analysis of your individual constitution and temperament. This 90-minute session is guaranteed to delight!

Oxygen Facial

Approximately 60 Minutes ~ 110.00

Ahhh…Awaken your face. This treatment unlocks the outstanding benefits of the world's most essential element. It thoroughly cleanses pores, increases blood circulation, and lightens hyper pigmentation by oxygenating the skin. The oxygen facial gives you amazing results and illuminates your face with a warm healthy glow.

Warm Stone Facial

Approximately 60 Minutes ~ 120.00

Indulge your senses, melt your stress, and rejuvenate your skin all in just sixty minutes. Begin this wonderful journey by reclining on a bed of smooth warmed river stones to stimulate points on the back. Slip into a state of euphoria and allow the warmth to permeate your body. These magical stones will be placed along your body and between your toes for your ultimate pleasure.

Gentleman's Facial

30, 60, & 90 Minutes Available ~ starting at 55.00

A man's face is up against many harmful factors, from severe perspiration to prolonged sun exposure. Working in an office has its own hazards as well: mental and physical fatigue, poor nutritional habits, anxiety, and stress. Even shaving has plenty of side effects, including redness, skin sensitivity, and razor burns. Mother Nature may have given you your skin, but its up to you to take care of it. Real men get facials.

*A clean shave is recommended before your treatment for best results.

Flawless Back Facial

30 & 60 Minutes Available ~ 60.00 & 90.00

Indulge yourself with a deep cleansing yet relaxing treatment for an area that's just out of reach. A facial "bacial" designed to remove impurities and eliminate breakouts on the back, neck, and shoulders.

Lymphatic Drainage Facial

Approximately 75 Minutes ~ 115.00

This therapeutic facial helps to maximize the skin's ability to rejuvenate and enhance the absorption of toxins. It deeply cleanses the skin, regenerates tissue, relieves swelling, and smoothes wrinkles. This treatment can also be helpful in releasing tension, fatigue, migraines, insomnia, and allergies, and also aids in maintaining vitality. Specific aromatherapy blends are chosen for individual needs: detoxification-relaxation-stimulation. Ideal for pre and post surgery.

*Recommended in a series of 6*

"No Breakout" Facial

Approximately 30 Minutes ~ 50.00

No Breakout Facial is a sure way to soften and balance the skin without the risk of breakouts.  Put your best face forward when time is of concern.  The rejuvenating facial gives your skin the hydration and balance that it needs for that fresh healthy glow.  Perfect right before that special occasion!

Teen Facial

30 & 60 Minutes Available ~ 45.00 & 65.00

There are many reasons why acne can be present: hormones, stress, improper diet, and many more. Acne is so diverse and has so many irritating factors. It is important to maintain a proper diet, increase water intake, use correct products, and receive a regular deep cleansing in order to release congested pores.

Teen Series of 6 Facials & Take Home Regime (3 month supply)
30 minutes ~ 285.00
60 minutes ~ 385.00

Busy Bee Facial

Approximately 30 Minutes ~ 55.00

Perfect for lunchtime retreats or those on the go. This refresher half session facial focuses on gentle steaming, cleansing, exfoliating, and your choice of either removal of impurities or a personalized masque, and moisturization. Designed as a "booster" treatment.